Master Of Business Administration (Natural Resources Management)

Master Of Business Administration (Natural Resources Management)


  • A candidate must have a good relevant Level 8 Bachelor's degree from the University of Namibia, or any other recognized University.
  • Alternatively a candidate may present a relevant Post-Graduate Diploma OR an Honours degree from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • A candidate without a relevant Level 8 qualification will be admitted to the School's Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration as preparation for the MBA.
  • The level and nature of working experience will be criteria for selection, especially in the face of scarcity of places and in terms of creating a conducive learning environment drawing on real work cases.
  • A prospective student maybe interviewed and assessed by the Business School before recommending his/her application to the relevant UNAM structures.

The Master of Business Administration (Management Strategy) will be delivered full-time on a block-release basis augmented through the School’s e-learning platform. The minimum duration of the programme is eighteen (18) months.


  • Academic Writing for Post-Graduate Studies
  • Advanced Business Ethics
  • Business Research Methods
  • Comparative Natural Resources Policies & Laws
  • Natural Resources Economics & Finance
  • Comparative Environmental Management Practices
  • Sustainable Tourism: Markets, Models & Strategies


  • Sustainable Energy: Markets, Models & Strategies
  • Sustainable Mining: Markets, Models & Strategies
  • Sustainable Water: Markets, Models & Strategies
  • Sustainable Fisheries: Markets, Models & Strategies
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Markets, Models & Strategies
  • Sustainable Forestry: Markets, Models & Strategies


  • Business Project in Natural Resources Management

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Tuition Fees: N$66,500 (Excluding course material and textbooks). Course material is made available on the NBS intranet platform only.

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