About Namibia Business School


Welcome to Namibia Business School, also known as NBS. NBS is renowned for its provision of professional qualifications focused on Business Administration, as well as a variety of hands-on Executive Education programmes.

The objectives of the NBS are to equip aspiring managers and entrepreneurs with the required skills in a conducive learning environment, to enable them to excel in the competitive environment in which business leaders have to operate.

Programmes at NBS, enables students to transform their personal commitment into public leadership. If you are in the process of establishing yourself as a competent professional or entrepreneur, you have come to the right place. Our programmes consist of a variety of subjects, concerning the fundamental and topical aspects of business practice. We are committed to working in partnership with both public and private sectors with a view to contributing towards capacity building. We believe that a well-harnessed talent will help to promote good governance and good management in our country, in Africa and beyond.

This website provides a detailed description of the structure and course content of the programmes offered at NBS. Should you desire to join one of the programmes, you will find that the interdisciplinary approaches and global perspective provided in these programmes, are enriching, from both an intellectual and personal perspective. 

We certainly hope your experience here at NBS will be a pleasant and fulfilling adventure.


Dr Meshack Tjirongo